Tips to Successful Skip Hire

In our lifetime it’s almost guaranteed that at some point we’re going to need to utilise the services of a skip hire company. Whether you’re moving home and need to oust rubbish we’ve hoarded over the years, or if it’s just a general clear out, a skip is a welcome commodity.

With this in mind, here’s a few tips concerning skip hire as well as some frequently asked questions that could sooth some of your misconceptions surrounding skip hire.

  1. Why do skips cost a lot to hire?

This element varies person to person, but us Brits, we love a bargain and as such we’re a lot more open to scrutinise prices (me included!). However, what people don’t take into account when having a moan about skip hire prices is what the company’s overheads actually are:

  • Skip Wagon – £35,000+
  • Skips around £500 each for a standard skip
  • Vehicle insurance around £2000 a year
  • Public liability costs
  • Fuel
  • Office Staff
  • Recycling costs

As you can see, it soon all adds up, so when you go to have a moan about your skip quote, think about their costs involved.

  1. Why won’t they take the skip away if its over the fill line?

This isn’t the skip company or drivers fault for being ‘nit-pickers’, this is the law. The company and its drivers are legally bound to ensure they do not carry unsafe loads or this can lead to some serious consequences. Before trying to order a smaller skip to save money, bare this point in mind, they do have full legal rights to refuse your skip if you do not follow their guidelines.

  1. Where does my rubbish go when it’s taken away?

This is a great question and one that everyone should really be asking. It’s becoming a more commonly known fact that landfill space in the UK is filling up fast which is why many Skip companies are investing millions into recycling plants. Some companies are able to recycle up to 90% of what they collect! Now, that’s efficient.

  1. Why do I get such differing quotes from companies offering the same service?

The answer is pretty simple here, not all skip companies were created equal. What I mean by this is that the service levels you get from skip hire companies can vary wildly.

As with any companies we deal with, price can be a telling factor as to the level of service you’ll receive. If you’ve been burnt in the past, try not to let this cloud your judgement and paying that little extra next time. Although reputable skip hire companies can and are in most cases more expensive, you’ll get a much better service and in essence, a stress free experience.

To sum up

Skip hire companies come in all different shapes and sizes. By that I mean you’re going to be faced with a decision to make when comparing prices and various other aspects before going ahead.

My advice is to do meticulous research, read reviews, ask friends and family if they’ve use anyone before – this can save a lot of time and avoid an extremely bad experience. From self-experience, if you’re in the Sutton area – Waste Busters are the way forward!

Happy skipping!