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Best Solar Panel Installation Companies in Phoenix

Solar panels might seem like a no-brainer for many homeowners, but the true cost of solar installation depends on several factors. After all, you need to consider your average electricity usage and whether or not it can offset those costs before making that decision.

On average, installation plus the system itself runs between $15000-$25000 dollars with most homeowners spending around $20000 in total according to The Center For Sustainable Energy (CSE). Let’s take a look at some reliable companies in Phoenix.

Advosy Energy:

Solar energy is the best decision particularly in Phoenix, Arizona, where the sun shines bright every day! We help you unleash solar power at advosy energy phoenix​ . The sun is not only a renewable source of energy but also an intelligent investment—our team will tailor a solution to make this process as smooth as possible.

With a dedicated team of experts, who are committed to delivering a consumer experience that goes beyond expectations with reliable solar power solutions. We treat you like family from the moment your free solar quote and over the lifespan of your system

Due to exemptions from property tax on electrical devices, owners can install renewable energy such as photovoltaic panels for no additional cost!

Sunny Energy:

When it comes to solar power, Sunny Energy is the company that can help you maximize your savings. With an award-winning installation team and custom design capabilities, customers are sure to save money with our efficient panels. Let us handle all of the paperwork so that you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Sunny Energy provides homeowners the option of producing their own clean and inexpensive energy when they buy or lease a solar system. We’re proud to be an industry-leading contractor with highly trained staff, accredited by both the Better Business Bureau and A+ rated. Join our list of satisfied customers who have worked with us before hiring our expert team today!

JIT Solar:

With 100% of your energy needs covered, JIT Solar is here to serve you. With local owners and a dedication to customer satisfaction, trust us with all your solar system installation projects!

Jit Solar proudly serves its customers with pride, integrity and attention to details that matter most to their clients. They provide SRP as well as APS customers who are in need for any sort of assistance regarding the installation or removal of solar systems. Customers can also request services such as repair work on existing panels or maintenance check-ups which sets them apart from other competitors. Due to their area expertise being Solar Panel Installation Removal & Reinstallation, they have won the hearts of many customers.

Aneva Solar:

At Aneva Solar, the team is committed to providing its customers with the best quality products at affordable prices. They take pride in designing and installing custom solar roofing systems that are 10-20% more affordable than other companies without sacrificing on quality! Their solar panel solutions are typically less expensive because of their high efficiency rates which result from using only reputable manufacturers within the industry who produce top notch materials for little cost.

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5 Reasons to Go Green After You Retire

Retirement is a time to relax and try new things! Sometimes new things can mean new adventures, and one of those adventures could be going green. There’s so much talk about going green; what is it? To go green means to live environmentally and ecologically friendly. To make decisions and choose a lifestyle that helps the environment and sustain natural resources for future generations to come. With so much more free time in retirement, you can learn more about going green and how it affects you in helping the environment and saves you money. For five reasons to go green after you retire, keep reading.

Reduce carbon footprint

The biggest reason for going green is to reduce your carbon footprint. Everyone has a carbon footprint; it is how much we travel by vehicle, the energy we use in our home, what we spend while shopping, and what we eat. When you actively choose to go green, you assist in the battle of limiting the amount of waste going to landfills and putting harmful materials into the environment.

Some things to do to reduce your carbon footprint is to:

  • Drive efficiently by not speeding and slamming on the brakes
  • Carpool when possible
  • Fly on an airplane less
  • Eating less meat and eating organic
  • Not wasting the food you buy

Doing these things will not only help the environment but help you as well. It is a double win.

Improve your personal health

During retirement, you’ll want to focus on keeping your health up. Not only does it make your life easier, but it also helps you to live on whatever money you have saved because it won’t be going to medical bills. There are many benefits to come out of going green for your health. Some include clean water, fresh air, and less pollution to breathe in.

Going green also positively affects your mental health. Due to the fact that you get to spend time outdoors in nature which helps with your overall health and gives you positive thoughts. Sunlight is good to receive for 10-15 minutes a day. Sunlight boosts your serotonin, increases vitamin D, and helps you sleep by resetting your circadian rhythm.

Reduce your utility usage

Becoming eco-friendly helps you lower your utility bill. Utility bills can be expensive to keep up with month after month. Who wouldn’t want a lower price on their utility costs? By becoming more eco-friendly with your utilities, it helps both you and the environment!

By this part in the article, you can see a trend that what is good for the environment is also good for you. By switching your water supply to be more sustainable, having solar panels on your home, and changing to LED light bulbs, you can save yourself and the environment some trouble.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency tells us that you can save 20% on utility bills when your home is eco-friendly. If all homes and buildings could become eco-friendly, energy spending would decrease by $20 billion a year.

Help farmers by shopping local

Supporting local farmers is a great way to be eco-friendly. When you go to a farmer’s market or buy from your local farmer, you are purchasing organic products and helping your community. These foods are likely not to have pesticides and chemicals.

The main reason buying from local farmers is so great for the environment is that there are reduced greenhouse gas emissions to provide their food. Buying from farmers is also a way to reduce waste. Not to mention, purchasing local farmer’s fruits and veggies is great for your health!

Adding eco-friendly features increases your home’s value

People are looking to add eco-friendly features to their homes these days because of all the added benefits it does for the environment and themselves. Solar panels are especially valued in today’s housing market; by making minor additions like these to your home, you will have an added re-sell value. Green homes have a significant impact on the environment. If you wish to increase your re-sell value and help the environment, consider adding those eco-friendly features.


Going green after you retire is a great idea! It helps reduce your carbon footprint, improve your personal health, reduce utility usage, supports local farmers, and increases your home’s value. The benefits of going green help not only the environment but also you and can help maximize your retirement. Look into going green and try it for yourself!

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Green Energy

Agriculture Executive Recruiting: An Efficient Way Of Recruitment

Every job seeker or business in the process of discovering an effective third party that has the capability of supporting them to find the right people or job goes with executive recruiting for their field, either it is business, legal, agriculture, etc.

An executive recruiter is a specialized person who seeks a prospective candidate for an important position to meet the requirements of the business. He/she helps in seeking and persuading candidates to work for the organization or become a permanent employee of his/her organization or company.

Executive recruiting, whether it is agriculture executive recruiting, legal executive recruiting, or any business organization, has its pros and cons. They are given hereafter.

Pros Of Executive Recruiting

  1. Direct salary, deals, and offers
  2. Payments by salary and recruitment did according to the needs
  3. Getting a deep insight into the culture of the company and its recruitment process

Cons Of Executive Recruiting

  1. The presence of limited data of the industry only
  2. Network
  3. Lack of a general overview concerning the industries
  4. Comparatively lower speed

Talking about executive recruiting, as mentioned above, it is widely seen in Agriculture. Hereafter given is a brief insight into what agriculture is and how Executive Recruiting is applied within the field.


Agriculture, as called out by J.J. Mapes, is a fundamental source of National Prosperity. Agriculture, in this day and age, exists with so much importance on its shoulders that if it goes wrong, nothing else will have a chance to go right.

Agriculture is termed the production process of fiber, feed, food, and other various products with the help of the cultivation of many different plants and the raising up of domestic animals, also called livestock, to maximize the financial income earned from it.

Agriculture Executive Recruiting

Companies today engage themselves in advertising jobs about agriculture and recruiting people within the agribusiness, food processing, agriculture, food production, horticulture industries, products, and many such fields. With a constantly moving process of analysis of the job seeker and his/her behavioral trends, read up with the alignment of the strategies related to recruitment in the market today. Companies are known to build a pool of candidates for simplifying the hiring process.

This goes on by including various services for recruiting and executive recruiting, contracts with recruiters, candidates and their sourcing, background checks, advertising of jobs and postings, custom solutions for customers, recruitment outsourcing (RPO), etc.

Agriculture executive recruiting is known to help a plethora of fields; some of them are:

  1. Animal health and livestock
  2. Specialty crops and produce
  3. Cooperatives and grain operations
  4. Manufacturing and engineering
  5. Food productions and processors
  6. Agricultural equipment and technology
  7. Agribusinesses and farms, and many more.


Agriculture executive recruiting, in this day and age, has gained immense importance. Packages for a job posting and professional recruiting, with recruiters hunting for passive candidates through telephonic interviews, help deliver highly qualified candidates and guaranteed results. Custom solutions help in developing work made just for you.

Hence, practice the same, and you will witness many changes in your recruitment process beyond the shadow of a doubt.

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Industry Pollution: A Growing Problem

Despite the growing concern for the environment, it remains a global problem. Industrial pollution affects everyone as organizations release waste that harms the planet’s soil, water, and even the air we breathe.

Industrial pollution is a relatively new crisis that started with the industrial revolution in the early 1900s. Since then, the issue has only become increasingly worse. As the world’s population skyrockets to 8 billion, so have the demand for resources and the amount of pollution that is produced from these activities.

Industrial pollution impacts animals and ecosystem health in a large number of ways. Firstly, one common problem many people face is air pollution in urban areas. This is primarily due to fossil fuels from transportation as well as manufacturing plants and other industrial organizations that produce pollutants. These pollutants include materials that cause numerous health problems.

Plastic waste has also become an increasingly popular issue with pollution. Plastics are increasingly common among ocean and lakes. Microplastics are also increasingly becoming an issue for water life. Reducing pollution is essential for preserving our planet and delicate ecosystems. Make sure to check out the infographic below for tips to reduce industrial pollution.

Infographic created by Tunnel Vision Pipeline Services, a CIPP company

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Green Energy

Common Methods Used For Erosion Control

A lot of movement occurs at a construction site and that includes the soil around it. Digging, heavy machinery and transportation all can cause soil erosion, which, in turn, can create serious problems for the surrounding area.

Soil erosion can also have a notable impact on the environment. Water pollution  Nearby bodies of water could become contaminated or unstable. Soil erosion can be from water runoff, movement on the construction site, and changes to the elevation. Fortunately, there are a variety of tools that are successful in preventing soil erosion, in a wide variety of conditions.

In order to fully understand the right technique for your construction zone, it is essential to understand the common types of soil erosion control methods. For example, a riprap may need to be implemented for an area that has a high degree of concentrated runoff. Additionally, a contractor may choose to use soil nails to prevent slope failures. This is where drill soil nails are drilled into the slope to provide reinforcement.

Erosion prevention should be included in any construction plan. It can harm the environment as well as creates other issues around the construction site. For more information, check out the guide below, common methods used for erosion control. It describes a few more methods for preventing soil erosion at a construction site.

Courtesy Of Yak Mat, a ground protection mat provider

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Solar Energy News and Different Perspectives

A solar hybrid system creates power using a solar power generator. It’s like photovoltaic modules and additional renewable energy sources, for instance, a supplementary generator. As per the latest solar energy news, in rural areas which are not linked with the national electricity grid, village mini-grids consisting of PV hybrid systems might be less costly than the grid extension. They can easily change batteries and fuel electricity generators and also reach many people than a single solar home system. The Homer tool created by the United States, National Renewable Energy Laboratory has been found to be very much useful in designing and modeling hybrid systems.

Current News on Solar Energy

As per the information from solar energy news, the HOMER tool automatically retrieves solar insolation information from NASA. There are many monitoring and evaluation guidelines for PV-diesel hybrid systems. It provides specific guidelines on how people can use the system so that it can last for a longer time. Also, there is a guideline on what procedures you are supposed to do incase of system failures. The annual potential solar energy as per the world energy assessment was up to 49,837 exa- joules. It is also very important to develop affordable, inexhaustible, and clean solar energy technologies so that it can have long term benefits.

Solar Energy System in Every Country

Each and every countries energy security will be enhanced and increased with the help of reliable, indigenous, inexhaustible, and also import independent resources, etc., are likely to keep the prices lower than otherwise. These benefits are global in nature. So, the extra costs of the incentives for early hiring should be taken as learning investments. Solar energy which is the potential which is used by people differs a lot. It differs mainly from the solar energy present near the surface of the planet. And there are many reasons for it like time variation, geography, cloud cover, and land available to people creates some limitations on the energy we can use.

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5 Fun, Relaxing Outdoor Activities

When too much concrete and cubicle time have got you down, it’s easy to get locked in a cycle of stress and overwork. One of the easiest ways to reduce stress and relax is to spend time outdoors. The sunshine and exercise will be good for your body and reconnecting with nature will also be good for your soul.


Image via Flickr by Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

The great thing about hiking is that anyone can do it, and you don’t need any special equipment to get started, aside from hiking boots and a bottle of water. There are trails in every community and neighborhood from paved beginner trails on flat ground to rocky, challenging trails that scale mountain peaks. As you walk and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of woodlands, gardens, and meadows, your blood pressure and cortisol levels will lower, effectively reducing your stress.


If relaxing, calm, and quiet are what you are after, you’ll find serenity and wonder in birding. For this activity, you will need some binoculars, a guidebook to familiar birds, and a nature preserve or park frequented by local birds. Sit and watch the birds in their natural habitat, nesting, feeding, and flying. Exclude all other thoughts and focus on the bird song, like a forest meditation, and before you know it, you’ll feel more relaxed.


Maybe it’s been years since you rode a bike, but it’s not too late to feel the wind in your hair as you zip down the street just like a child. You can recapture that carefree feeling and get back into biking as an adult, whether you want to bike to work through the park, cruise along the boardwalk, start long-distance cycling, or get into mountain biking.

Before you head out on the road or the trail, be sure to get a helmet and reflectors, and take a course on bike safety and bike maintenance. Biking is the perfect cardio workout, and being outside, you’ll feel more connected to nature and the world around you.


The unique sense of calm you can experience atop a wave or drifting down a stream is something you can only experience as a paddler. Paddling sports include canoeing, kayaking, rafting, and standup paddle boarding. The rhythm of dipping your paddle in and out of the water calms and centers the mind and also challenges your muscles.


Boating is the perfect activity for everyone, whether you like to swim, water ski, fish, or simply cruise around the lake. Assuming you already have a watercraft, you’ll need to choose the right trailer and learn how to launch and retrieve a boat, which is something that you can do solo or with a team. Pack your sunscreen, swimsuit, rod, reel, tackle, emergency gear, and snacks for the day. You’ll gain confidence and pride as you conquer the water and encounter nature from a new perspective.

Outside, you can connect with friends and family or spend some introspective time alone, living fully in the moment. Spend more time outdoors, and you’ll soon feel more relaxed, less stressed, and more connected with the world.

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Prefab – Reinventing the Old Housing Method

Modular housing has undergone somewhat of a renaissance in recent years with many of these prefabricated homes featuring stunning, modern designs. Truth be told, however, modular homes -structures that are assembled off-site- have always been at the cutting edge of architecture. After all, even Frank Lloyd Wright -an architect of almost mythical proportions- was fascinated with pre-fab homes. He even spearheaded a company called American System-Built Homes, a catalogue of standardized, affordable homes that customers could choose from.

From 1908 to 1940 in the United States, the Sears Roebuck catalogue also featured a selection of prefabricated homes in a variety of styles and sizes, from vacation homes to multifamily residences. Prospective homeowners could literally order their new home through the mail.

Flash forward once again to the 21st century, and prefabricated housing is being seen as a crucial component in mitigating the growing housing crisis. This is because -as we will shortly see- these homes are more affordable, less environmentally harmful, and can be built much expeditiously than “traditional” homes.

In fact, those in the market who have the financial means to purchase just about any home on the market are actually choosing to go the prefab route, and many building firms are specializing in modular homes. We’ll tell you about who the best prefabricated home builders are, but first, let’s look at what makes these homes so appealing.

Bespoke or Custom Home That’s Fit to Size

The main advantage associated with pre-fabricated modular housing is that the structure is built piecemeal or by sections. Given that each section is built separately in this way, it allows for greater flexibility and variety as far as different designs are concerned.

In other words, in now way is buying a modular home entail a one size fits all proposition, and if you see a prefabricated structure that you like, it can easily be adapted to your particular needs, wants, and terrain.

More Affordable

As is the case with a structures that are built on-site, modular homes also vary markedly in price. Nonetheless, we can say that it is generally the case that a modular home will be between 10 and 20 percent cheaper than an onsite counterpart with the same dimensions and features.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Because of the assembly method involved in the construction of modular housing, the building process is typically much shorter than that of a conventional home. This means that, in addition to being quicker, the entire process is also cleaner and much less invasive. What’s more, the more modern designs include thermal floors (that can easily be fitted with hardwood) that reduce energy consumption (and keep bills down too!). Solar panels can also be incorporated in a modular home with a lot more ease than they can with most homes constructed in the traditional way.

Who to Trust

Although there are many options for residential prefabricated homes, when it comes to commercial modular structures, the leading company in the United Kingdom is undoubtedly Elite Systems. Since 1991, this firm has specialized in modular buildings for health care facilities, educational institutions, and more.

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Green Energy

7 Things You Must Invest in for Your Business Premises

Investing in your own business is a step to secure your future and that of your company. The only way to keep your business up and to run it is by having a strategic investment plan that leads to stable cash flow.

Marketing Strategy

Having a marketing strategy is one way to invest in the business. You can always hire a marketing agency. There are various ways one can market; you can either do digital marketing or the old fashion way of fliers and word of mouth. The most effective one is digital marketing because it spreads fast. Online marketing can cost you nothing at times. Keep a record of each spending in marketing your brand these will help you not to over-spend


The people working for you are the most critical part of your business venture. Empowering your workforce can be done in various ways. You can put money in the human resource department for training and educating your employees. It is better to train your current employee then hiring a new one cash into consideration, creating an environment where employees are not seen as objects but as human. Once in a while, you can have an office party and encourage them.


Always have back up cash in case of any emergencies. Not all the time you can depend on the insurance cover. These cash buffers can come to use at any time. Having this saving account is mandatory. It can be used even in retirement. In the case where the business is not doing well and has not yet made a profit to pay all the bills and salary this kind of investment can help out as the business in catching up.

When you are on the start-up level of the business, it is advised not to invest in many ventures. Its good to invest but first concentrate on the task at hand and that is growing your current business. You can always expand. With time you can venture into the other investments only when you have a clear vision of the potential risks.


Reinvestment is considered a smart move. This money can be used to improve the workspace. Buying new office furniture will help improve the work and result in higher profits. New up to date equipment like an air conditioning system will always enhance the customer service experience. The outcome of such investment will be excellent allowing you to expand and have a steady cash flow.

If you are not sure of how to plan and have investment strategies its recommended to get coaching from a career coach, these will improve how you handle situations and resolving conflicts between employees. The coaching will give you an idea of the business field and improve your focus.


You must also ensure you have the right equipment and facilities for your employees. One key element is a heating/cooling system, this will help regulate the temperature and make it comfortable for your staff. Have a look at EOC services for more information.

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June Zwan on Why Kids Should Learn About the Role of Animals in the Ecosystem

From the very first days in kindergarten, children are introduced to the wonders of earth’s creatures and how to identify various species. From domesticated cats and dogs to larger animals in the wild, children learn to name lions, tigers, elephants and amphibians like frogs and salamanders. It’s fun, it’s interesting and children simply love to look at and talk about all those creatures in the animal kingdom.

June Zwan at a local dairy farm

However, for one naturalist, June Zwan, it is important to also teach children about just how vital those creatures are to the life of the world and the ecosystem of which everything that lives and breathes. Here are some of the reasons why kids should understand just how important animals are to the ecosystem.

Basic Ways Animals Impact on Planet Earth

When learning about the animal kingdom, June Zwan feels kids should understand how important each and every species is to the survival of life on the planet. As an avid conservationist, June wants kids to learn about how animals impact the earth on a basic level such as the way they affect topography.

The Interdependence Between All of Life

Zwan’s mission is to educate children on the interdependence between all animals on the planet. She stresses that each species is part of a chain and that each and every animal has a role to play in the survival of our planet.

Just like the animal sanctuary at the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, June has a mission to save the ecosystem “one animal at a time”. June has an outreach that will educate the country and maybe even the world – one child, or one group of children, at a time.

The Children Are the Future

June Zwan understands that the children are our future. Unless they understand just how important each species of life is to the survival of the planet, the future is doomed. As they grow, children will become our leaders and will need to have the knowledge necessary to stop further destruction to the planet while having the tools to begin repairing the damage already done.

Once children learn that every animal, no matter how large or small, has a part to play in the survival of life on the planet, Zwan feels they will be better able to bring about any real changes needed to repair the damage that abuse and neglect has wrought on earth. Her outreach efforts – in her hometown near the Colorado River – is geared toward the education of children of all ages who visit and learn about just how important animals are to the ecosystem and the continuation of life on earth.

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