Waste Resource Management: Leading The Way in Liquid Waste Management

Waste Resource Management (WRM) is a leading industry player in the liquid environmental services space. They own and operate a rich portfolio of companies that concentrate primarily on the processing, recycling, and transporting liquid waste.

WRM’s end-to-end service delivery structure makes them a “vertically-integrated liquid environmental services company.” This structure and dedication to sustainability and customer service firmly cement their position as an industry leader.

A Glimpse into Waste Resource Management (WRM)

WRM’s stellar offering is rooted in their unique market concept: maximizing operational efficiency and profitability. By focusing on market-by-market waste management, WRM curates service delivery that caters to each market’s unique needs. Grease Trap Waste is a common nexus waste stream managed in most markets, although other premium liquid waste streams are catered to accordingly.

In addition to core operations in waste management, WRM offers hydro jetting, trap replacement, repair, and plumbing services to ensure an excellent customer experience.

Currently, WRM services a diverse range of clients, spanning restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, casinos, prisons, stadiums, hospitals, school districts, and commercial car washes. Thus, whether it is a biohazard, medical, or grease trap waste, WRM is committed to delivering exceptional waste resource management service.

The Portfolio Companies

WRM operates an extensive network of portfolio companies, such as Southwaste, Silver City, and McDonald Farms, each contributing their own unique services to the mix.

These services range from grease trap maintenance and repair, residential and commercial septic maintenance, emergency water services, sludge disposal, and dumpster service. Active in Florida, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, and the Rocky Mountian Region, WRM has built a robust service area coverage, ensuring it maintains an extensive reach across these states.

Recognitions and Achievements

As testament to their dedication to the industry, WRM was recognized in November 2021 as a Top 10 Waste Management Solution Provider by the Food and Beverage Technology Review. This accolade is a welcome nod to WRM’s pivotal role in molding the food technology terrain.

A Peek into their Corporate Culture

WRM’s commitment to their team’s safety is evident in their appointment of a dedicated safety manager in January 2020, tasked with improving the safety of the workspace for their employees. Their dedication to building a safety-first culture, affectionately termed as the WRM Way, is influencing change throughout the environmental services landscape.

Positioned for the Future

WRM is undoubtedly leading the industry in liquid waste management solutions, with a strong commitment to sustainability, exceptional customer service, and continuous innovative thinking. As the demand for tailored, ecologically responsible waste management grows, WRM is well-positioned to scale its sector-leading practices to more markets – for the benefit of its clients, community, and environment.

For more information about WRM’s services or to request a quote, visit their website,, or reach them directly via 713-413-9400.