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Collagen for Weight Loss

Whilst collagen is widely known for its benefits when it comes to hair, skin and nail health, it’s not necessarily a supplement that we immediately associate with weight loss. On our skincare journey, where we’ve been taking our collagen supplement from The Collagen Co. to support our skin health, we’ve found a hidden and somewhat unexpected, surprise. And a very pleasant surprise at that – weight loss. 

Since we already know that collagen is made up of purely protein, when the realization struck, it became a bit of a no-brainer. It was like one of those miraculous “aha” moments that suddenly couldn’t be switched off – of course, collagen can also aid with weight loss! Collagen’s properties naturally themself to aiding weight management. If you don’t believe us, we’re here to tell you how and why. 

Keeping you fuller for longer

Collagen is one of the most important proteins in the human body and is present in all our tissues and organs. By adding a collagen supplement into your diet, you are also therefore adding to your protein intake.

Those in the fitness industry will avidly advise that, if your goal is to lose weight, one of the key factors is to increase the protein in your diet. Since collagen is one of the most important proteins in the human body and is present in all our tissues and organs, by adding a collagen supplement into your diet, you are also therefore adding to your protein intake.

The reason dietitians, PT’s or other health professionals are keen enthusiasts for increasing your protein intake comes down to the fact that; of all the macronutrients, protein is the one that promotes fullness. Scientifically known as the hunger hormone, Ghrelin – protein is the one macronutrient that actively suppresses those cravings. Meaning that ultimately, you snack less between meals. 

Now, it’s not always easy to have a high protein diet. So, many dietitians will recommend adding a protein source in the form of supplementation into your nutrition plan. Enter: collagen weight loss powder – the protein packed beauty supplement that you can add into your diet that also has the added bonus of helping with your hair, skin and nail health too!

Improved Joint Health

Another thing that collagen is widely known for is its incredible benefits for our joint health. Often, we can avoid exercise if we’ve had ongoing joint problems with the likes of our hips or knees. When our joints prevent us from getting the recommended amount of exercise each week, it can lead to unwanted weight gain. 

When you add collagen into your diet, you know that you are directly targeting and improving your joint health. Over time, your body will begin to reap the benefits of this newly introduced joint care and you’ll be in a position where you’re able to burn more calories through exercise. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to start running laps of the park every morning (unless that’s your thing, then go ahead!) but even the smaller things can help. If you’ve improved your joint health through the use of collagen, you’ll find yourself choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator. All in all, increasing your calorie expenditure and aiding you with your weight loss goals. 

Where to start in using collagen for weight loss?

Now that you’ve got an understanding of how and why collagen can help you on your own journey, I’m sure you’re wondering where to get started. The Collagen Co, has you covered with Glow Shakes

Glow Shakes

Our new meal replacement shakes have been created specifically to take advantage of collagen’s natural weight-loss benefits. All in one simple and delicious product.

With a choice between vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry shakes, you can rest assured that you won’t be left unsatisfied as you so often can when trying to lose weight. You’ll be left with an indulgent feeling, all whilst getting in your daily collagen intake. 

Each serving of Glow Shakes contains over 29 grams of protein (17.5 grams of which are Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides) and 24 vitamins and minerals – as well as a whole host of other gut-loving goodness that your body will thank you for. Our all-natural, low sugar glow shakes will leave you feeling full, satisfied, and simply glowing from the inside out.

The Collagen Co. wanted to remain true to their mission of helping our customers to feel confident, radiant and unstoppable through the transformative power of Collagen. Too familiar with the sinking feeling we get when we’ve gained a little extra weight and we’re not feeling like our best selves. They aspired to create a product that can help, bringing you back to life through the power of collagen. So that you can reignite your power and feel great whilst on your weight loss journey. Because it shouldn’t be a struggle, it should be enjoyable and, with the help of collagen, now it can be. Off you glow!