Celebrating Australia Made Skincare

It’s Australia Made Month right now and we thought, what better time to celebrate our proud Australian Skincare Brand. A brand that is not only founded, owned and made in Australia, but also actively sources ingredients that are native to Australia.

Throughout this, we’re going to tell you just why Amelia Goff, founder and CEO of Fresh Face Skin, has mindfully chosen each Australian derived ingredient to feature in our range of Australia made skincare products. Not simply because they’re sourced right here in our homeland, but because of the incredible benefits they have for our skin  – which is exactly why we love and use them.

Benefits of our Aussie Ingredients

Davidson Plum Benefits

Heals & Rejuvenates

The Davidson Plum is an Australian grown fruit that has an impressive healing effect on the skin. This extract contains a whole host of natural compounds, which are quickly absorbed by the skin. Once absorbed, these compounds have rejuvenating and anti-aging effects – and let’s face it, who doesn’t want that?

Relief From the Environment

The phenolic acids that you’ll find in the Davidson Plum possess an antioxidative strength that is even greater than Vitamin E. Antioxidants help to relieve the skin’s surface from damage caused by environmental aggressors like UV and pollution.

Reduces Redness

As if that’s not enough, Davidson Plum also has antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties, helping to reduce skin redness and clear away bacteria while lightly exfoliating the skin, leading to an improved complexion and texture.

Reap the rewards:

To take advantage of the mighty powers of Davidson Plum and incorporate them into your daily skincare routine – stock up on Fresh Face Skin’s Renewal Booster and Hydration Booster. Both products are available on our website.

The Renewal Booster boasts a formula that is designed to rejuvenate tired looking skin. By incorporating Davidson Plum’s healing and rejuvenating properties into this product, our customers can be left with their skin feeling renewed without the use of harsh ingredients and by simply using the power of Australian nature.

Kakadu Plum Benefits


This small but mighty fruit that is proudly native to Australia, is renowned for its antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it a perfect ingredient for your skincare regimen, especially for skins that are inflamed, red and irritated.

Brightens Your Skin

With its amazing antioxidant and brightening properties, the Kakadu plum has been known to lighten stubborn surface pigment, brighten overall skin tone, reduce redness, and promote collagen formation. Plus, the Kakadu plum even contains a whopping 70 times more vitamin C than oranges, making it an incredibly potent antioxidant and, as a result – will leave your skin brightener and protected from harsh external and internal elements that can affect the skin and its ability to function optimally.

Reap the rewards:

If you’re looking to take advantage of Kakadu Plum’s benefits, get your hands on the Fresh Face Skin’s Renewal Booster and Hydration Booster. Both products are available on our website.

The Hydration Booster, as the name suggests, helps dehydrated skin get its moisture back, ensuring that the skin is able to function at its best!

Naturally, we opted to include Kakadu Plum extract into this hydrating blend to give this product some extra oomph besides hydration – between the hydrating benefits of the aloe vera and the vitamin c you naturally get from the Kakadu extract, your skin isn’t only left hydrated, but is also brighter and calmer.

Melaleuca Ericfolia Leaf Oil Benefits

Combats Acne

More commonly known as The Lavender Tea Tree, this wild-harvested, Australian native plant comes from the myrtle family. It offers a combination of Tea Tree and Lavender benefits. I’m sure you have heard about the antibacterial benefits of tea tree, but lavender tea tree, offers not only antibacterial benefits but also the benefit of calming surface irritation and inflammation, making this ingredient perfect for congested, inflamed acne skins,helping to clear acne on the surface, quickly and effectively.

Reap the rewards:

You can easily fit Melaleuca Ericfolia Leaf Oil into your daily skincare routine by investing in Fresh Face Skin’s Healer Cleanser. One of our favorite cleansers from the range that, due to the acne combatting properties of this native plant, will rid your skin of surface impurities and inflammation.

At Fresh Face Skin, we think it’s incredibly important to pay your skin the respect it deserves, by nurturing it with products that contain naturally sourced, non toxic ingredients that will help your skin look its best and, more importantly, function optimally, long term. What we apply to our skin topically is absorbed into our entire body and for us, this reinforces the importance of using 100% natural ingredients that Australia has to offer, within our skincare products.

Each of the ingredients we’ve chosen have their own skin-altering benefits and, when used together, the combination of these vibrant Australian ingredients can work wonders for your ski overall health and appearance.